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ZT402 91290 Replacment Filter

ZT402 91290 Replacment Filter Image

Looking for a Zip Hydrotap genuine replacement filters

Zip ZT402 (91290) Replacement submicron filter for G4 Zip Hydrotap

Zip GlobalPlus ZT402 (91290) 0.2-micron filter cartridge

0.2 MICRON 6,435 litres filtration capacity

A filter warning light will come on your Hydrotap and flash to show that your filter needs replacing.

The 91290 reduces:

• Chlorine taste and odour
• Sediment
• Cryptosporidium parvum oocyst
• Lead
• Scale

To ensure that you select the correct filter for your unit please confirm that the code 91290/ZT402 appears on your current filter.

Important: The ZT402 is only for the new HydroTap G4 models and some BC120/60+ G3 models.

Please check your filter against the image above and the part number. If you require the ZT002 (Part No: 91240) for HydroTap G3 models, please click here.

A filter change warning light on the Hydrotap flashes to show when a filter change is due. Filter replacement at least once each 12 months is recommended.


Zip 0.2-micron filter brings you what is arguably the most advanced and most practical water filtration system available anywhere in the world today, developed to meet Zip’s exacting specifications by the world leader in water filter technology.

Zip 0.2 micron filter puts crystal-clear, better-tasting water on tap, filtering out chlorine taste and odour, lead, and impurities as tiny as one five-thousandth of a millimetre, including protozoan cysts such as Cryptosporidium. Also reduces accumulation of mineral scale in boiling water appliances, but does not remove beneficial fluoride.

Zip 0.2-micron filter cartridges are incorporated into the Zip HydroTap installation under the sink,or out of sight within the Zip HydroTap control cabinet installed beneath the tap.

Zip 0.2-micron filter cartridges are hygienically encased for fast and easy filter cartridge replacements. Cartridges are replaced every 12 months, or earlier if a high level of water usage makes it necessary.

Zip HydroTap “filter change light” flashes when a filter change is due. It can be set to measure both water volume and the number of days in service, signalling whichever occurs first.

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