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405542 Zip Econoboil

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405542 Zip 5 Ltr Econoboil wall mounted instant boiling water Unit

Product number: 405542

Outer Casing: White Stove Enamel


Boiling water instantly for tea, coffee, cooking.
Designed to operate within 1 °C of boiling point.
Pull down classic tap for precision filling of cups, locks ON for filling pots.
Top and bottom access ports provide easy total access.
Choice of stainless steel or white enameled steel case.
Delivery cups* at any one time: 30 cups*
Recovery cups* per hour: 140 cups*

* standard cup sized 167ml

Dimensions w x d x h mm 318 x 198 x 465

Buying a Zip Hydroboil has never been so easy.

How much time is wasted every day by staff filling a kettle and waiting for it to heat up? Is it 30 minutes, an hour, or more? After putting a value on that time its easy to calculate how much it costs in a year - just to boil a kettle.

The Zip Hydroboil provides boiling water instantly for tea, coffee and cooking and is designed to operate within 1°C of boiling point. Two-way tap provides fingertip control for filling cups and locks ON for filling pots.

Zip Hydroboil Econoboil 5.0 Litre gives up to 30 cups* at one time with a recovery rate of up to 140 cups* per hour.

Basic boiling water heater for locations where economy is important.
Boiling water for tea, coffee and cooking. Designed to operate with 1 Degree C of boiling point.
Robust construction in corrosion-resistant white power coated steel.

No more waiting for boiling water!

Optional Extras:

ZD001 Zip Stainless steel Drip tray (with drain)
ZD002 Zip Stainless Steel Drip Tray 30cm x 15cm

Approvals: Wras and CE endorsed


2 Year on-site parts and labour warranty. For further information on Zip's warranty:

Download Zip's warranty information

Download Zip's specification sheet:

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