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Zip AP3/15 15 Ltr Aquapoint III

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Looking for a Zip Aquapoint III unvented water heater

Zip AP3/15 Aquapoint III 15 Ltr undersink unvented hot water 2.2 Kw

Buy a Zip Aquapoint unvented water heater with glass-lined steel tank

Zip Aquapoint III is an unvented Water Heater. It is available in 5, 10 and 15 litre models capacity to serve single or multiple hot water outlets. It has a glass lined steel storage tank tested to 12 bar and a sacrificial anode is fitted for protection against aggressive water conditions.

All Zip Aquapoint III water heaters come with all the necessary accessories and factory fitted P&T valve.

Zip Aquapoint III Water Heaters are a favourite choice of supplying hot water within a domestic or commercial environment.

Capacity: 15 Ltrs

Rating: 2.2 Kw
Dimensions: H 480 x W 350 x D 310
Weight (kg) Empty 8.5Full 18.5
Plumbing: Water connection 15mm BSP
Minimum recommended water pressure 1 bar
Water Tank: Hot water storage tank of 1.8mm thick glass enamelled steel tested to 12 bar
Case: High impact and corrosion resistant white plastic
Insulation: High Density CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation

Taps: No special taps required.

Safety features: Resettable over temperature safety cut out.

* Manually resettable thermal cutout set to 85 oC
+/ -3 oC
* expansion relief valve (supplied) set at 6 bar.
* protected against frost whilst power is on.
* sacrificial anode for added protection against corrosion for element and tank must be checked regularly (6 months) and replaced where necessary as gradual erosion will occur.
In extreme cases local water conditions can cause rapid erosion of the anode resulting in particles being deposited as a residue.

Pressure and temperature relief valve, where fitted requires plumbing to waste in accordance with water byelaws.

Electrical: To be wired to a double pole fused spur, minimum break rating of 13 amp.

Minimum length of pipe (from water heater to nearest draw off tap)

For a 10 Ltr Unit using 15mm pipe work: 2.7 metres (9ft)
22mm pipe work: 1.2 metres (4ft)

If you do not have this minimum length of pipe work then you will need to fit Pack AQ2.

The Aquapoint should not be used where water quality is critical.

Approvals: WRAS approved and CE endorsed.


Standard 12 months on-site parts and labour warranty. For further information on Zip's warranty:

Download Zip's warranty information

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