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ZT002 91240 Replacement Filter

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Looking for a Zip Hydrotap genuine replacement filters

Zip ZT002 (91240) Replacement submicron filter for Zip Hydrotap

Is your Zip Hydrotap filter light flashing? The warning light on the Hydrotap flashes to show when a filter change is due. Filter replacement at least once each 12 months is recommended.

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An in built triple-action filter:

1. Removes micro-organisms as tiny as one thousandth of a millimetre.
2. Reduces chlorine and contaminants.
3. Removes particulates contaminating the water supply.
4. Inhibits mineral-scale accumulation in the boiling water storage tank.
5. Provides great-tasting, crystal-clear drinking water.
6. Does not filter out any fluoride added to the water supply.

Healthy filtration Filters out chlorine taste and odour.
Plus micro-organisms as tiny as 1/1000th of a mm, including the parasites cryptosporidium and giardia.
Healthy reminder A filter change warning light flashes to show when a filter change is due.
Filter replacement at least once a year is recommended.
You set the unit to 6,000 litres. Then an indictor on the tap flashes to let the user the filter needs changing this is recommended at least once a year.

The NSF symbol certifies that this filter is tested and certified by the globally recognised NSF International organisation against the NSF/ANSI standards 42 and 53. This is the only way to know for certain that your filter is tested and certified.

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