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Zip Hydrotap G4 HT1724UK BCH240/175G4

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Zip HT1724UK BCH240/175G4 240G4 cups of Boiling and 175 chilled per hour - COMMERCIAL

Boiling | Chilled | Filtered | Instantly | + Hot/Cold

Boiling and chilled filtered water plus hot and cold water.
Separate boiling/chilled and hot/cold mixer.

No need to store and handle bottled water!
No fear of running out of drinking water in extreme weather conditions!
No unsightly and unsafe kettle leads!

Zip Hydrotap 4-in-1 offer all of the advantages of a standard HydroTap plus these five outstanding benefits.

Boiling cup/hr:240
Chilled cups/hr: 175
Total Rating: 2.1kW + 2.2kW (booster)
Unit Dimensions:
w x d x h (mm): 450 x 470 x 335

Reduce staff ‘downtime’ waiting for old kettles to boil.

Zip HydroTap is so simple to operate!

Push the boiling lever to fill cups.
Pull lever until it "locks on" to fill pots, plungers and bottles safely and easily.

HydroTap is the most economical way to deliver instant boiling water for your staff, clients and guests

Simplifies the provision of hot water in office kitchens-hot & cold via the mixer tap and boiling only from the Hydrotap all from a single source.
Cuts costs eliminates the need for a separate hot water supply or the expense of hot water circulation from a central source.
Saves space no need to provide cupboard space for a separate hot water heater.
Conserves energy dramatically cuts heat loss from hot water storage.
The mixer tap will deliver up to 3 ltr/min, which is ideal for rinsing cups and hand-washing where a dishwasher is the primary source of washing dishes. 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 are not intended for high use applications such as filling sinks or cleaners buckets.

Optional Extra: Font accessory code ZT008

Energy Conservation

A choice of two programmable energy saving modes:-

Integral 24 hour 7 day timer enables the boiling and chilled water units to switch off automatically during known periods of inactivity e.g. overnight or weekends, but return to full functionality ahead of the next expected demand.
Inactivity Sleep Mode enables the boiling water unit to power down or switch off after 2 hours non-use. Powering down allows the water temperature to gradually reduce to 65 oC, at which it is maintained. Upon further draw off boiling resumes.

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Zip HydroTap G4 models shown here are covered by a comprehensive full parts and labour warranty for 24 months from date of purchase. A further 36 months boiling tank warranty is included, provided any service required is carried out by a Zip-trained service provider and that water filter cartridge replacements are made at recommended intervals.
No warranty applied to filtration cartridges installed with the appliance as cartridge life varies according to water quality and usage.

Download Zip's warranty information


In areas where hard water is an issue, it is strongly recommended that a special limescale filter is fitted. In these circumstances the filter must be changed within the specified period.

Please refer to this link for Hydrotap Filters

Approvals: Wras and CE endorsed


It is essential that the cupboard containing the under-counter unit is adequately ventilated as poor air circulation will adversely affect the performance of the system. Please refer to information and diagram below.

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